Services: Technical aids

Consulting and social responsability

Accessibility is a condition that all products and environments shall comply with, being usable, workable and easy to understand in the most autonomous and natural way possible, in any situation and by any kind of user.

We are aware that caring is a hard task, that is why our goal is to make things easier for the carers and to provide people with reduced mobility with more autonomy and safety, adapting to their homes, situation and personal needs.


We make evaluations of the situation of people with special needs and their families regarding technical aids, accessibility of their homes and caring issues.

Training for carers

We train carers in their own homes and help them minimize the problems they can face there when dealing with daily tasks.

Assistive products

We evaluate the conformity of the existing assistive products and if necessary, we help families choose and acquire the latest assistive products.


We help people with special needs apply for subsidies or grants to acquire new and tailored assistive products.